Deben Lugger

The Deben Lugger is an 18’ traditionally styled day boat of traditional lapstrake design built in GRP with 2-pack foam buoyancy and Iroko hardwood trim. Her balanced lug yawl rig is carried on un-stayed carbon-fibre masts/spars carrying traditional clipper cloth tan sails with slab reefing. These spars are lighter, stiffer & stronger than conventional alloy or timber making her easier to rig while giving improved performance & reduced maintenance. The whole rig stows within the length of the boat for trailing or storage.


She has a shallow long keel that gives her great stability for her size and also enables her to sail in shallow water with good directional windward performance in as little as 15” of water making her ideal for exploring estuaries & creaks. Within her keel and huge central storage locker is the sealed centre-plate case, this minimizes it’s intrusion into the cockpit & keeps it’s mechanism away from fingers & bottoms! The centre-plate keel is foiled and made in lead/glassfibre giving great windward ability. With its 10-1 gearing it is also very easy to lower & raise.


[Deck] Down either side of the cockpit she has two substantial iroko rails

Introducing the “Deben Lugger”

securing fenders, warps, springs, etc to. They also make great grab rails. The forward spray-rail has been designed to accommodate a spray-hood which covers the flat area above the storage lockers making a great lounging area or with the extension slats & added camping tent a comfortable sleeping platform. Moving aft and keeping with the lounging theme she has two removable iroko timber seat panels allowing for the helm to get out of the wind and shelter low down on the sole boards. These panels also store the fire extinguisher and can accommodate canvas storage bins, for sail-ties, warps, etc.


Talking of storage - Her anchor stores on chocks on the fore-deck with its warp being stowed in the main lockert, the 2-part oars slide forward up tubes on the starboard side of the centre-plate casing while the blades stow in the locker against the casing or to be bungeed to the stringer rail, fenders stow in the central locker or under the slated seats, Her small aft locker is vented and is designed to take a 12L remote outboard motor fuel tank the line of this passes into the outboard well. The well is off set to port and allows a modern 4-stroke outboard engine of up to 6HP to be mounted and tilted clear of the water while sailing or when moored. She has a substantial New England style ‘Barn Door’ type rudder this gives a light balanced feel with minimal weather helm, it is the same depth as the keel allowing it to be left mounted while beaching, sailing in the shallows or leaving on a mooring.

Primary Features

Built using the best high-quality materials, with safety in mind.
Traditional good looks with minimal maintenance.
Raised decks giving improved buoyancy and making for a dryer boat.
Light/simple un-stayed carbon-fibre rig reducing effort and time to get afloat.
Sealed centre-plate housing - minimizes the possibility of injury and aids pumping out in the unlikely event of capsizing.
Her shallow long keel gives her superior control and stability while enabling her to sail in the shallows.
The shallow fore-foot of her keel allows for beaching and makes for easier launching and recovery.
Sealed storage lockers are kept inboard aiding access and reduces pitching in a seaway.
Large New England style rudder gives superb steering while keeping draft to a minimum.

Category C - is designed for inshore voyages including coastal waters, large bays, estuaries, lakes and rivers where conditions up to and including wind force six and significant wave heights up to and including 2M may be experienced.


Anglia Yacht Brokerage warrants the hull and deck of every new Deben Lugger to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of five years.

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